One Punch Man Season3 is coming……?

It's been a while since one punch man's season 2 came out. There are speculations out on the Web that when one punch man season 3 will be coming. We will try to put together thoughts and also information from the Web. When we try to predict something like this, it will be helpful to think how long it took from season one to season two. 

The first season of Anime One Punch Man was broadcasted in Dec 2015. And the second term was broadcasted in  April 2019. In other words, there is about three and a half years between the broadcast dates of the first and second periods. That's one way to think. If so, it will probably sometime 2022…at the earliest. 

 The other way to think is this; One Punch Man season2  contains 9 volumes of the comics ending volume 17. Volume 22 will be sold next June 2021 in the US, and volume 23 has been out in Japan. So, there are only 23-17=6 volumes of the comics to be animated for the 3rd season so far. Unfortunately, that is not enough for a single season. New volume comes out every three to four months. From this, assuming that you would need at least 8 comic volumes to make new season series, then (8 volume needed -6 published volume)X 3 or 4 months per each volume =  6 or 8 months, so, at the earliest, it will be winter of 2021. If not, it may be early 2022….? 

We also can't forget the last year's news about Sony developing a film based on 'one punch man', right? if you are not aware of it, check out last years' article from Variety   

Here is ONE (one punch man’s Manga artist)’s tweet about One Punch Man being Hollywood Movie. 

 “Thanks to everyone, One Punch Man will be a live-action movie!!

Thanks you! I am so grateful!! I can’t wait to see what Saitama's story is going to be in a Hollywood movie! 

I'm really looking forward to it from now!”  

(here is his original tweet on 4/22/2020)

One punch man is very entertaining, but at the same time, some parts of the stories are very profound😊. If you haven’t check it, you should, you will love it.

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