The popular manga "ONE PIECE" has reached 1000 episodes last month. The manga author, Eiichiro Oda, commented on the 23 years of " ONE PIECE ". The story started in 1997!! Here is his comment.

 "23 years have been passed! There were too many things that happened during the period, actually, half of my life was with the comic. As Luffy and others sailed to many islands and had many adventures and met so many people, I also met many people and was supported by countless people, including my family. I can't help but feeling so much gratitude. "

"To One Piece fans all over the world! One piece has been a long story, but please keep an eye on Luffy's adventures and journey together with him and friends for a little longer!!" 

He also commented on the success of Demon Slayer anime recently.

"Demon Slayer has been outstanding. The amine moved so many people's hearts and entertained them at the same time. It's just too beautiful! I believe anime/manga should be like that. I was so impressed!

This comment kind of tells you what kind of person "Eiichiro Oda" is 😊

Let's change the subject a little. Here is a video of ONE PIECE's character voting project going on right now for the whole world to decide the number one, the most popular ONE PIECE Character" (being conducted by ONE PIECE). Check out the video here!


Here is some totally different fun facts/info. How much do you think Eiichiro Oda makes annually? His “One Piece” is so popular worldwide, so it makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Some Japanese TV program broadcasted exactly about that. Are you guys ready??? Here is his estimated gross income!

 312228万円= around $ 30,000,000!!! CCCCrazy~~~~~

 Manuscript fee: 48 million yen  ( $452,416.80)

Royal royalties: 1,358,280,000 yen ( $12,803,758.51)

Original usage fee: 16 million yen  ( $150,823.20)

Overseas income: 200 million yen  ( $1,885,290.00)

Character goods: 1.5 billion yen ( $14,139,675.00)

Ok, enough about money😊 it’s time to check some of the great One Piece figures! ‘If you are interested in more than action figures, collectibles, check the merchandise section here as well at MHB!! Also, you can check all ONE PEICE figures here. 

ZORO-check it out!


 ZORO-Check it out!!


 Trafalgar D. Water Law-Check it out!!


Luffy-Check it out!


Portgas D. Ace-Check it out!!


Nami- Check it out!

Zoro-Check it out!


 Boa Hancock-Check it out!


monkey d luffy-Check it out!


Luffy-Check it out!


shanks-Check it out!


Last but not least...Here is Luffy drawing by Eiichiro Oda :)

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