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Since last year, there has been exciting news for My Hero Academia fans. We have known for a while that Season 5 will start airing in March 2021 in Japan. If you have not seen it, here are the posters for season 5. Added English translation at the bottom. The season definitely looks exciting 😆!!

And, My Hero Academia’s new movie is coming in summer 2021. Here is what Horikoshi Kohei commented on when the new upcoming movie was announced.

 “Thanks to everyone, My hero academia's third movie is going to be here! Thank you so much for continuing to support Deku and all the characters! At the time of the second movie announcement, I was commenting, "There will be no movie coming up after this", but there was. So many people support us, so *I can't sleep with my legs in any direction anymore. I have to sleep upside down so that my feet are not directing toward any of you . “ 

The underlined phrase in his comment might be too Japanese that you might need some explanation and the cultural background. In Japan, it isn't polite to direct your feet to the benefactor or people. So putting your feet on the table toward anyone is very rude. His comment is mean to express his deep appreciation and humbling feelings toward all the fans( so that is what "sleeping upside side down" means, so his feet are not directed to anyone, do you get it? :)

More news 😊 There will be My Hero Academia original paintings exhibition in Japan (4/23/2021-6/27/2021 in Tokyo, Japan & 7/16/2021~9/5/205, Osaka, Japan). Unfortunately, there is no plan to hold the same exhibition here in the US, but who knows, there might be some in the future, right? 😊 Since most of us can’t go there for the exhibition,  here are some of the drawings at the exhibition. The last image is a poster for the show. Here is also Horikoshi Kohei’s comment when he got to know about the exhibition.

 “I never thought I would open the original drawings exhibition, and after hearing the exhibition news from the editor in charge, I was very anxious, and my stomach started aching…We are working hard on various things so that those who come will never be disappointed!”

Here are the links to the exhibition website.

The exhibition Japanese website 

The exhibition in English website

Here are some of the drawings and the poster from the exhibition.


Here is another beautiful drawing by him for celebrating the volume 29th of My Hero Academia comic(manga) published in Japan in January 2021. We have the most recent comic (Vol. 26) just being released in January 2021 here in the U.S. 



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And,  figures, including the figure images you see below, are also  introduced at MHB.




 Wall art 

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Now, let's end this blog with Soraniutaeba(singing to the sky) by Amazarashi!

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