Levi’s words and more!

Some of Levi’s words are insightful...😄….Here is the one we like. Although it is from the original Japanese manga, we added an English translation below. We also added more fun info as well! Check them out!!


I have no idea what's waiting for us.

It has always been like that…

Even if you believe in your power...or believe in your trusted comrade's choice, in the end, we had no clue what was going to happen.

So ... don't waste your time trying to see what's coming, just live the way you will never regret.


 Do you ever want to draw Levi? Here is how the author of Attack on Titan does it !! (click the image below for the drawing)



Here is the recitation drama by the actual attack on titan's voice actors (including Levi) !! Although it is in Japanese, it is just excellent & exciting & fun to watch!! check it out on YouTube.

We are going to finish with a funny Nissin cup noodle attack on titan commercial! The video is an actual official commercial, not fan-made! This one is also in Japanese but Titans with the cup noodle on their heads are hilarious😁, Enjoy!

You can check all the attack on titan products introduced at MHB here!! https://myherobooth.com/collections/attack-on-titan

 Here are also some of action figures (Levi, Hange, Ellen and Mikasa), click the images to get more info!




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