Haikyu- to the top

Recently, we watched Haikyu To the top season 4 on Crunchyroll. It started a little slow, but excitements built up, and the series ended up as great as ever!! Haikyu has so many great scenes/lessons sprinkled throughout the stories. A simple thing but we tend to forget, and an important thing, but we don't pay attention … It really reminds us of the core of the weekly Jump comics that we used to read & enjoy when we were kids. 😊

Right now, the "Haikyu! Exhibition" to commemorate the series completion is being held different parts of  Japan. This exhibition is the first nationwide tour of Haikyu and the collection of Mr. Haruichi Furudate's handwritten manuscript, the exhibition's original goods are also sold. Due to the covid 19, the exhibition is on and off depending on the covid conditions. Although we won't be able to go to all the way to Japan, here are some of the exhibited pictures we can enjoy😊


MHB introduce many Haikyu action figures and goods. Check them out!








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