Here are the best 10 Hiakyu episodes according to the official Haikyu Website.  

Do you agree with the ranking? Recently, Haikyu’s author, Haruichi Furudate answers questions from Japanese news paper.

Here are some of the interview excerpts that you might enjoy.

-----What did you want to convey the most through your work?

There is always victory or defeat in the game or in life, but it never ends there. I don't want you to stop there. The one who wins may lose tomorrow, and the one who loses today may win tomorrow. Now one knows tomorrow.

 -----How did you become manga writer?

I liked drawing, but now that I think about it, I don't know what triggered it. However, when I was a student, I was already thinking of becoming a manga artist, so I attended a design vocational school in Sendai. After that, I got a job at a design company in the city and drew manga while working. I set the location of Haikyu story in Sendai, Japan because I lived in Sendai for about 8 years and it was my favorite place. The names of the characters are also the names of places in Miyagi and Tohoku. The location of Karasuno High School is not any specific location, but it is based on the image of Natori City next to Sendai. I referred to the local Iwate for the scenery of the slopes and shops in front of high school.

----Do you have a favorite word in any story?

 When Hinata got feverish and left the game, there was a line from the coach, "Let's focusing on raising the limit , instead of focusing on exceeding the limit", this is something you learn after your defeat or fails . When I was a student, I was thinking like “ I'm going beyond the limits”, like gung-ho feelings but after you experience defeat or fail then, " Let's focusing on raising the limit " became more fit to my feelings.

Humm...some of his comments are deep :)

Here are the top five characters from the Fandom popularity vote! Can you guess? 


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