Godzilla's long history & the upcoming Godzilla vs. Kong movie

How long do you think Godzilla has been around? Take a good guess.  The first Godzilla movie was released in……1954! Yes, Godzilla has been with us for 67 years (1954-2021) !! Can you believe it?

Stephen D. Sullivan (author of Daikaiju Attack (a giant monster novel) and numerous other books and comics, including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) has this to say about the creature's origin: "Godzilla, both the character and the film, are a reflection on the Japanese experience at the end of World War II: destruction beyond imagining, and a lurking sense that "We brought this on ourselves" somehow, even without meaning to. In the film, we see both the guilt, the feeling that the punishment perhaps outweighs the sin, and the striving for redemption…"

Yes, Godzilla's beginning is actually rooted in WWII…..you can imagine this because the first movie was created just nine years after WWII. Godzilla's official tweet mentioned that when the sound effects team first tried to create Godzilla's roar, using animal noises didn't cut it. Finally, composer Akira Ifukube removed a string from his contrabass and rubbed it with pine tar soaked-gloves, thus originating Godzilla's classic roar. Even sound effects were creative at that time…😊

The first movie came out more than six decades ago, so we thought it would be fun to go through together how Godzilla has changed throughout the last 67 years by showing the movie posters. Hope you enjoy it. After you look through them, we will continue where we left off. Here is also a link to the latest Godzilla movie: Godzilla vs. Kong trailer (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odM92ap8_c0 ). Enjoy. 


So, what did you think? So many movies, right? We probably watched 70 % of these movies. We can't wait to see the new movie. Hopefully , not only CG special effects but characters and the story will take the film to a great ending….we will see.

 At My Hero Booth's website, we introduce many Godzilla products from action figures, statues, and other Godzilla merchandise. Take a look at the picture below, which is from Bandai S.H.Monster Arts Godzilla Action Figure. The Godzilla is almost as real as it can get and stands eight-inch tall , with artistic details to be true to the mighty Godzilla. You can check the figure here https://myherobooth.com/collections/other-heroes/products/bandai-s-h-monster-arts-godzilla-2017-action-figure?hcuse=3, and other Godzilla figures https://myherobooth.com/collections/other-heroes as well.  


Talking about Godzilla figures, Tokyo actually has a huge Godzilla head peeking over the city. The head is located in "TOHO Cinemas Shinjuku" movie theater. If you have a chance to visit Tokyo sometime future, don't forget to stop by there. He roars at the top of every hour from 12 pm to 8 pm!!, Don't miss it!!:)  


Last but not least, check out TOHO's Godzilla website. You can download wallpaper for your computer, phone, and tablet. https://godzilla.com/funstuff/


Hope you enjoy our celebration of Godzilla's long history and the upcoming movie!!

♫♫♬♪~~~🎹 ending with the Godzilla theme music 😊

See you at My Hero Booth!!

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