Have you seen Attack on Titan's real Statues !?

Here are some fun stories. There are actually attack on titan's character's statues in Japan!😁

 A bronze statue of Captain Levi Ackerman was set up in front of Japan railway Hita train Station in Hita City, Oita Prefecture, which is Hajime Isayama's hometown. Cloud funding (CF) collected 29.68 million yen($266K), which is more than double the target to build the statue. Check out the image below ! You can also access the video. Unfortunately, the video is in Japanese, but I am sure you will have a blast watching it!!

Two years ago, CF also started to create a statue of Ellen, her childhood friend Mikasa, and Armin looking up at the Oyama Dam in the same city. The dam's wall is supposed to be the wall in Attack on Titan's story. The target of 14 million yen($128K) was exceeded on the same day. Here is the video of the statues and Mr.Isayama!

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Levi's night light !


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