All Might Burger & more!

You can actually get “All Might Burger” at My Hero Academia Exhibition DRAWING SMASH exhibition being held in Tokyo!! Check out the Burger!

It is fried chicken inside. Look at the detailed design on the bun 😊



On a little more serious note, In the 16th issue of "Weekly Shonen Jump", "My Hero Academia" episode 306 was published. The last spread page shows the phrase "Opening of the final chapter." looks like MHA is getting close to the final part of the MHA story….

In the same episode, Deku is depicted saying, "Big enemy (villain)….". The line was also used previously in the first episode of MHA when he saw the monster-like villain, and excited and say, "Wow, that's a Big enemy !!" but this time, the same line, but with much a darker face, he is muttering "Big enemy…." while looking down at the collapsing city. The contrast is so strong between the first episode and this one….It might be telling where the story is going…We will see.

Here is a beautiful drawing showing at the DRAWING SMASH exhibition. Thought the image is super beautiful with the contrast of different blue and green with Deku and Eri in it.



Here is a bunch of excellent licensed My Hero Academia's figures!

A great All Might figure from Banpresto!! , it is 8-inch tall!!











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